Elizabeth Finn Care gives money to help people who have less than 4,000 in savings and, lacking enough household income, manage a bare hand-to-mouth existence.

Elizabeth Finn Care is UK charity with a French branch office which helps professionals in financial difficulty, providing one-off and ongoing financial help tailored to circumstances. Also emotional support from experienced caseworkers and volunteer network enables people to:
  • pay for the things they vitally need
  • take charge of their lives once more
  • plan for a future

We help people whose former careers have been interrupted or ended through circumstances beyond their control: physical or mental illness, redundancy, family breakdown, or those struggling on low income in retirement.

Read our eligibility guidelines to learn if we can help. If you are in any doubt, please call us on 04 68 23 43 79 during office hours or email mary.hughes@elizabethfinn.org.uk

If you would like to take the first steps to getting help go straight to apply for support on our website: www.elizabethfinncare.org.uk


Tel: 05 53 01 64 54

Liz Rolfe, SSAFA Forces

Help France Case Co-ordinator