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Analytical Therapist


Email: kressmann@therapist-montpellier.fr

Website: www.therapist-montpellier.fr

Telephone: 06 41 01 32 50

Office: 27 Grand Rue Jean Moulin 34000 Montpellier

My combined life experiences and professional training will be your guide to combatting anxiety, stress, uncertainty and a variety of disturbances and disorders that can be comfortably treated with analytical therapy. While raised and educated in the United States, Iíve lived in multiple countries, have dual nationality, and over time have confronted and consoled for example, eating disorders, special-needs children, substance abuse and addiction, and provided grief counseling, among the many situations that face us all.

My studies at a specialized institution, with a degree from EIPA (International School of Applied Psychoanalysis) in Montpellier have reinforced my knowledge in this field.

For couples and families, Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
This short-term method focuses on adult relationships and attachment or bonding. The therapist and patients observe patterns in the relationship and work towards creating a more secure bond to move in a positive direction. To accomplish this, the analyst helps you to discover deeper past feelings which are recurring in your present relationship. You will learn new ways to listen to your partner, as well as, express your emotions in order to have productive communication.

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