Cognitive Behavioural / Integrated Therapies Counsellor
Based near Eymet, border of 24/27

Email: katiecounselling@gmail.com

Saturday appointments also available.

Mobile: 06 02 25 57 82

Website: www.kgcounselling.com

Hello, I’m Katie, a professionally trained counsellor with many years' experience in CBT/Integrative therapies.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT - aims to get you to a point where you can tackle your difficulties without a therapist, often within just a few sessions.

One of the “talking therapies”, it can help you manage your challenges by changing the way you think and act.

It has been evidentially (< that’s the important bit) proved to help tackle mental and emotional health problems such as anxiety, depression and relationship issues.

Integrative therapy is sometimes referred to as holistic therapy because it aspires to consider an individual’s mental, physical, and emotional health in a unified way. Therapist and client will work together to understand the sources of the latter’s anxiety, unhappiness, physical discomfort, or unhealthy behaviour patterns.

The combination of these therapies is empowering, sustaining and positive. And it works.

Siret: 794 771 352 00018

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