My name is Marianne Humphries and I am a qualified counsellor offering clinical and pastoral counselling within a person-centred perspective from my office near Carcassonne in the Aude department of Languedoc-Roussillon, where I have lived for the past twenty years.  I gained my post-graduate Diploma in Counselling with the Institute of Counselling in Glasgow where I continue as a Full Member.

My areas of expertise are couple and family counselling, grief and bereavement counselling and crisis counselling.  However, I may be able to help with other matters that are concerning you.  My experience shows that counselling can make a very positive impact on our ability to cope more effectively and purposefully with life, and to deal with the very diverse problems that can sometimes threaten to overwhelm us.  

To all clients I offer a style of counselling and care that is non-judgmental and non-directive in approach and a safe space in which they may reflect upon their own particular issues.   Through the exploration of thoughts and feelings and behaviours, clients are encouraged to work through the matters that are concerning them and to reach a clearer self understanding. In this way strengths may be found and used, and appropriate decisions and relevant actions can become clearer for clients. From this a greater sense of their own personal well-being and resourcefulness may also be generated.  

You can contact me in the first instance by email at: so that we may arrange our first counselling session together or simply so that you may request further information. 

My SIRET No. is 529 600 389 00017

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