Niels-Erik Tuxen

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Accredited Member The Danish Association of Psychotherapists

Based in Sète in between Montpellier and Béziers since 1995 I offer help, support and guidance through psychotherapy, counselling, life coaching, personal transformation and growth, guided journeys (Brandon Bays) – as well as energy healing and meditation.

Face-to-face sessions for individuals, couples and families - possibility of sessions by phone or Skype/WhatsApp - workshops, groups on demand.

I mix and match a wide array of approaches and methods according to what is needed (e.g . trouble-shooting, stress reduction, insight, development of personhood....).

My basic approach is holistic and humanistic considering the total person in all his/her dimensions from the spiritual energy level to the mental, emotional, bodily, interpersonal and social – targeting on causes rather than the symptoms.

I believe that the most important thing is not what life does to you, but what you do with what life does to you !

Thus are our general attitude towards life and the picture of individual worth that each person carries around with him or her the crucial factors in our lives. They determine your ability to overcome many health problems and emotional disturbances as well as to express who you truly are in using your full potential, your essential qualities.
The cornerstone of my activities is to see this and then to address any imposed limitating belief structures leading to repetitive, reactive « holding » patterns that keep us stuck.

Releasing and eventually clearing these limitations in order to become your own authority and integrating the changes in your attitude and behaviour in everyday life will permit you to live with more joy, love, power and balance – with a song in your heart.....and a growing sense of optimal well-being. « It's the journey, not the destination, that matters ! »

  • Certified in « Experiential Psychotherapy with Families » (W. Kempler, USA)

  • Diploma in « Spiritual Healing » (Bob Moore, Psychic Center, Denmark)

  • « The Journey » graduate (Brandon Bays, USA & UK)

  • Countless workshops, courses and groups with a wide variety of methods and approaches

Association: "VIVRE MIEUX" réglé par la loi 1901


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